Davy Crockett Bear Chase: 5k Results

10 Apr

I was up before the chickens, spinach-blueberry smoothie consuming, bouncin’ along to a hot pink cotton candy sunrise.

When I arrived in the itty biddy town of Groveton, Texas I was struck by the amount of vehicles jammed & triple parked around the football field.  26.2 stickers & a few to match mine of 13.1.  Good to have goals.  =D

There were license plates from California, Colorado, New Mexico & even Wyoming??  Wild!

I got signed in with no fuss & they handed me my lucky #73!!  Year of Birth.  Also 70.3 comes to mind.  *thrills*

Dropped all my extras off at the car since none of my peeps would be out to represent till they had their morning coffee.

A little pep talk from a local coach & we were off!

Awards included a medal & a little bear.  Too CUTE!

The path led off the football field & down a winding road past a grave yard.  Very old world East Texas.  Then we were padding down a white sand road which reminded me of the one I live down.  The only well marked signs were for the marathoners.  So I pretended “25” meant 2.5 for me.  *giggles*  It kinda helped since I like road marks.  *shrugs*
We were offered miniature cups of water in one location & fortunately we passed it twice.  [sidebar:: I still can’t bring myself to throw a cup down.]
Wow.. the whole run felt so familiar to me, passing cattle & the scent of fresh grass & manure.  *grins*  Little pond & soft sand.  Rubberneckin’ passersby who seem completely perplexed as to why anyone would be out running at dawn.   Grandparents & kidlets cheering from the side of the old farm road.  Ah.. rural Texas.

I pushed hard & made quite alot of noise.  And in the end, all my efforts paid off with a Finish time of 37:16!!

There was a very brief release of tears when I crossed the Finish Line & Momma said “Look what you just did!”  I knew in that instant that she was the only other person who knew how much that Official Time meant to me.  *awe*

That’s shaving 4+ minutes off my 5k from just a week ago.  Of course, cross training all week on the bike, in the pool & boot camp are also making a huge difference.  I love it!

By 9am, I was kicked back relaxing & watching some Marathoners hit the halfway point.  It was brilliant.  I want more.

I was so excited, I came back & did 7 killer miles on the Apple Grinder chase course/Expresso Trainer.

What’s next?!!!

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