Casa for Kids: 5k Results

17 Apr

My support crew was ready to rock & roll @ 6am Saturday, April 17, 2010.

Unfortunately, it was pouring rain & in all my excitement, I forgot to eat breakfast.

We arrived in Athens, Texas plenty early enough to get checked in & my Nephew Seth even signed up for his 2nd Fun Run (1 mile).

After collecting our swag bags & bibs, we were off to find some sustenance but I settled on some tea instead of eating right before the race.

The race was fraught with many challenges for me.  Between the mud, unexpected glaring sun (& my lack of sunglasses) & the rough uphill gradients on a long hot black top road.. I was surprised to find my official Finish Time was right between my last 2 races.  39:45

I am officially a Runner because I have..

  • bruised toes & some bruised nail beds
  • have golden tan legs with white feet
  • have dreamed of running at least 3 times this week
  • want a cup of water not a HUGE bottle of water @ mile 2
  • get annoyed by old guy calling us “Joggers” from his Escalade *lol*
  • can’t seem to abide being passed by a Speed Walker when I’m chuggin’ up a hill!

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