Fair on the Square: 5k Results

29 May

So.. it was hot.  Really really hot.  The high temp for the day was 96* with mass humidity.

Fortunately.. there are the dark hours which provide some shade & cooler temps.

After a wild & wonderful Friday night of marathon conversation with Fritz,  I slept a couple of hours & then dashed off with Momma, her dog Butters, Tim, Seth & Josh to Rusk, Texas for the Fair on the Square.   The theme was “Who Let the Dogs Out?” & it was quite appropriate.  Wild dogs all over the town square.  Little dogs, big dogs, yippy dogs & silent dogs.  All the dogs got along marvelously & besides watching the Grandma in the mirror-ball jacket getting arrested for public intoxication at 10am.. yessss, there was no incident of trouble whatsoever.  *laughs*

Seth & Josh ran the 1 mile Fun Run.  I was genuinely proud of Seth for stopping to help a kiddo who wiped out at the Starting Line.  He was really EXCITED!  It ended up making Seth the last to take off but he told me later that  he made a split second decision to help & it was fine no matter the outcome.  *pleased*

Josh won 2nd place in his teen age group.  He was surprised & we were all very preening!

My race was held up for about 30 minutes while the sun rose higher & grew hotter.  Finally, we were off!

The course zig-zagged through the downtown area, mostly in direct sunlight.  There was a brief reprieve of shade but the price to pay was racing downhill on a very long wooden bridge & then having to climb back the other side.  My right knee was not thrilled with either descent or assent.

I found myself naturally among a pack of J. Galloway walk-run-walkers & a shuffle runner.  Dogs that passed me were so hot they hardly even noticed  water filled ditches.  It was all about the Finish Line for all of us.  I imagined sprawling on the grass amidst 18 mad dogs in the cool shadow of the courthouse.  Ahh.. happy thoughts for a deliriously hot run.

The last 1/2 mile was spent doing my best not to lose my breakfast.  I waved away the last offer for water feeling sure I would lose it.  *woof*

My Finish Line time was 39:14, which was almost a minute longer than my watch said but I celebrated nonetheless to have finished my 5k at sub-40 & not thrown up.  *smiles*

Momma caught me at the Finish Line & walked me to the shade.  After  2 bottles of water I felt well enough to walk around.  Meeting dogs, horses, other runners.  Random folks at the festival approached me to ask if I was going to run.. noticing my race bib.  I explained we had done this much earlier but I was finally coming up for air.  Too funny.  Like two parallel worlds walking side by side, only occasionally noticing one another.

Totally fun, besides the quasi heat stroke.

Think it may be best to only run outdoors in temperatures 95* or less.

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