Freedom Run: 5k Results

5 Jul

I took off at 6am Saturday morning for Centerville, Texas.  They host a lovely festival each 4th of July called “Funtier Days”.

It’s definitely the Wild Wild West!  My Dad’s parents lived & ran a business in this little town for many decades before they passed.  So anytime I have a good reason to head over this way.. I take it.  Especially when it includes a race & a parade.  Hello.. Mules!!

The 5k started at 8am, so my nephew Seth & I had plenty of time to get registered.  Although registration was not a big deal.  This was pretty much a “Do It Yourself” kind of race.  No officials, no chip-timing.  Just a couple of local guys with synchronized stop watches & they instructed us to write down our own time when they shout it to us at the Finish Line.  *laughter*  Hey.. works for me.  *shrugs*

This was truly *my* race.  I ended up gravitating to the space between the fast runners & the slower running group.  Meaning, I spent most of the race alone on the road.

The course was not very well marked so folks in the neighborhoods would point me in the right direction.  No mile marker signs.. just trust the neighborhood watch.  I was shouting “Happy 4th of July!” to folks as I passed & they would shout back some silly thing about me needing to catch up or how they would NEVER be out there running.  It was fun!

So I paced myself.  Instead of trying to force my feet to run in certain patterns, I decided to let my body find its balance without my conscious thought & just focused on slowing my breath.  It seemed to work very well.

I didn’t push myself as hard as I have before, even though it was extremely hot & humid.  When I felt the need to walk.. sometimes I walked & other times I just shuffled along.

I heard Momma shouting & it was all a bit surreal.  Are we there yet??  She was shouting “36 minutes!!”  She is sooo awesome!  That’s just the motivation I needed!

My Finish Line time was 37:42!  I won the 3rd place trophy for my age group division!!
This is my 2nd best 5k time of the year.  After taking nearly a month away from racing & training.. I am amazed & so very pleased

p.s.  My next race is the Live Love Run 5k at 7:50am on July 10th, 2010 in Diboll, Tx.

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  1. Lynn Van Noy July 5, 2010 at 2:30 pm #

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  1. World Wide News Flash - July 5, 2010

    Freedom Run: 5k Results…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…


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