Live Love Run: 5k Results

12 Jul

This time, the race was in Diboll, Tx.  My 1st visit to the little town known for their Lumberjacks, apparently.  =D

My race support crew consisted of Momma (my ultimate cheerleader!), her BF Tim, our friend Josh & my little nephew Seth.  We were all so dedicated that we actually got up at 4am to get ready & make the drive over in time for the kiddo’s 1 mile Fun Run at 7:50am & for my 5k (3.2 miles) at 8am.

It was a pretty good sized group of at least 40 runners.  I saw a few rivals, including the guy who unknowingly paced me at the Centerville race and here.. he beat me again!

The gun fired & we were paced by a recent Ironman finisher on his lovely road bike.  I was pleased to be able to see folks during the run this weekend.  I’m either getting a little faster or these folks were slightly slower.

It was seriously hot & the road went on & on.  I thought surely I’d be turning in my slowest time of the year but it turned out that it was actually my fastest time in a 5k race this year.  36:56 *whew!*

I didn’t win any places in this race but Josh won 1st place in his age group.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to sing my Momma’s praises.  She was out there running as much as anyone just to catch a photo of me & the boys!  She was cheering & ringing the cowbell.  And just when I thought that old road had me, I slowed to a walk & I heard her shout.. “Just over 30 minutes!”  That was all the impetus I needed to pick up the pace & finish that race, which turned out to be nearly 1 minute faster than last weekend’s race.  Thank You, my sweet Momma!


p.s.  Next race is a Club Run with the 7 Hills Running Club of Huntsville, Tx.  I am their newest member so this will be my inaugural run;  Saturday, July 24th in The Woodlands.  I’ll be runnin’ with the Big Boys!!  Wish me LUCK!!

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