Inaugural Run

25 Jul

I recently joined 7 Hills Running Club of Huntsville, TX.  Yesterday was my first official group run.

Every other Saturday, Luke’s Locker & Seven Hills get together to run in The Woodlands.  That’s a 90 minute drive for me but considering how far in the woods I live, it’s definitely worth the effort & time to enjoy some commorodery.

Once I got to The Woodlands, I spent all of 2 hours searching for the location.  It wasn’t on Google Maps or my Navigator so I nearly gave up.  Having asked numerous strangers & driven in circles.. literally, I finally searched the 7 Hills online site & found some clearer directions.

I arrived 5 minutes before START!

Signed in, set the Garmin, visited briefly with Ken & Jerry from Madisonville, TX & just like that.. we were off like a shot!

I found my natural pace & tried to stay focused on my rhythm instead of getting too excited about all the other folks and trying to rush ahead.  Ken passed me & of course, beat me again (3rd time).

There was a little group I found myself in the midst of & we took turns passing one another.  I was just glad to see others because I didn’t know the course & didn’t want to get lost.

Gosh.. The Woodlands is a gorgeous place!  Our path wove in & out of the forest & it was so clean.  The air was so fresh!  I saw dogs being walked, families strolling together & cyclists powering by.  Aside from Austin, this is the most physically active town I’ve seen in Texas.

We were getting close to the Finish Line when I tried catching this guy who was inadvertently pacing me.  I did finish before him but that’s only because I missed the last lap.  The course was a little confusing.

My time for 3.1 miles was 35:56.  I’m pleased!  Mostly because I reached the Finish Line without being sick from the heat.  Plus my time is consistently improving, even by a little.

My next race is at the Dog Days 5k in Huntsville, TX this Saturday 08.01.10.  Come One Come ALL!

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