WELL BEING: What Are You Waiting For?

7 Aug

Does it feel like your life is on hold? Is your weight stalled out or steadily creeping up? Do you need some “get up and go”?

If so, you may be waiting (weighting) on something. What are you delaying?  What are you waiting for?

From the time we are little children we are told to “hold on tight”. They say “wait and see”. It’s our natural inclination to “hang on for dear life”. The mere idea of letting go seems foreign since we are taught that we will be rewarded if we just have patience and wait.

Unfortunately, as time goes by, our momentary pause may turn into a permanent detour.

Procrastinating can lead to missing out on many wonderful life experiences and the simple joy of accomplishment.   Whether we want to complete a task, deal with a problem or take care of ourselves, it’s necessary to make these things a priority.  Oftentimes, we get so stuck along the way to finishing what we’ve started that we take on obligations that aren’t even our own.  The community always needs a new organizer and our neighbors are always going to want us even more involved with local activities.  We need to take care not to let too many obligations get in the way or become an excuse not to take care of our own responsibilities.

Another sign that we are putting our life on hold and waiting (weighting) for something is that our life doesn’t have the spark it once did. When life gets very stressful, we may put on a few pounds as a way of insulating ourselves from the people and experiences that are causing us anxiety.  When we don’t feel safe, we may use food as a way to feel more solid and grounded.

How often do you hear yourself saying “I’ll be happy when …..”?

Waiting for other people to behave the way you wish they would, for your financial situation to improve or for a better job just puts your life on hold and keeps you from being happy right now.

So this begs the question, how can we finish our unfinished business?

One of the best ways to move forward to reach our goals and finish what we’ve started is to write a list.  Two benefits that come from writing a list of what we want and need to finish are..

1.) to free up our mind from having to remember all these stressful details and..

2.) decide what we want to accomplish most.

After making a list, then it’s time to prioritize!

Some of the things on your “To Finish” list may not be important anymore.  These goals may have been important to you years ago but they just aren’t appropriate for your life now.  You may need to clear out some old dreams to make way for your new dreams.

This week, a friend messaged me to say that in writing her list she can now see she doesn’t have time for toxic relationships in her life.  Sometimes, focusing on what is most important in our life makes it easier to move away from time-consuming unhealthy connections.

When you stop waiting and start moving forward, accomplishing your goals and finishing projects, your life will suddenly feel exciting. You will see new possibilities.   You will experience the freedom and expansiveness finishing up old unfinished business brings to your life. You’ll wonder why you ever waited so long.

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