quick note

15 Aug

Big appreciation to the little group of friends who gathered with me last Friday to go see “Eat Pray Love”.  We had a wonderful time!

Grandma Kiki couldn’t make it, as she’s wandering the Wild West.  Never know where Grandma’s gonna be.  Gosh, she makes 80 look sooo good!  She did call though and led me down the ornate hallways of La Posada in Winslow, Arizona.  She had us both crying over how much she wished I were there and laughing over her small indulgence in wine.  Ooh la la..  Can’t wait to hear all her stories!  She wanted to be at the movie with us too but maybe next time. 

And to all my sweet friends who couldn’t be there.. you were missed!   I do love Tea Parties & Movies so there will be ample opportunities!  *dances*

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