Choose Your Own Adventure

25 Aug

As a kid, I loved those choose your own adventure books.  Of course, if you were willing to see it through, you followed all the possible storylines and eventually found out where each path led and which one(s) you preferred.  Sometimes I would daydream and imagine new possible endings. 

I loved the thrill of choosing the adventure of each new thread I followed.  I secretly wished to blend some of the stories because I wanted a little of this and a little of that.  The unfortunate drawback to choosing one path in those adventure books is having to stick to just one storyline. You couldn’t romp on over to another story. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

But in real life, you not only get to choose your own adventure, you are actively choosing it every minute of every day whether you are doing it consciously or not.  Preference and contrast are extraordinary in the process of our self-creation. 

Logistically, moving from Point A to Point Z is actually very simple.  It’s the emotional and intellectual attachments we have that can slow us down in the process or even stop the adventure altogether.  Obligations we choose to accept can be a gift we honor.  However, if we allow someone else to choose our adventure and decide for us, obligations can become a very heavy burden. 

Similar to the limitations and drawbacks experienced in those choose your own adventure books, there are some disappointments along the way.  Choosing your most precious dreams to follow and blazing a trail to your heart’s desire isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.  There are challenges.  Personally digging into our deepest reserves to explore, create and become who we’re meant to be will shake things up and start to filter out certain behaviours, thoughts, feelings, even people from our lives.  Change one thing.. pretty soon many things are changing. 

Stretching towards our potential on any level comes with a risk.  Reaching out and stepping up can put you in a vulnerable position.  Fortunately, it moves you from where you are right now to at least moving in the direction of where you want to be.  New thoughts, new sentiments, new people and new experiences are pleasant surprises along the way.  Changing your perspective even slightly can inject new luscious life into the same old things we do everyday. 

Once you’ve experienced certain pathways, you pretty much know what to expect when presented with that particular road again.  If you like a certain path, keep moving forward.  If you do not like the path you’re on, it’s not serving you well and there is absolutely nothing more to learn that way, then move on to a path more worthy of your ideal life adventure. 

Sometimes it’s not as big as getting out of a toxic relationship, changing career paths or the need to alter a core belief. It may simply be general difficulties that crop up.  In this case, it’s especially good to remember that while we may not be able to opt out of everyday stresses, we do have complete license in how we choose to feel about them, handle them and move on from them. 

You’ll most likely question your values and priorities along the way.  That’s good.  Check in and remember who you wanted to be, who you are and re-set who you want to be now.  Everything is happening exactly as it should.  Life flows and changes.  Be flexible with yourself along the way.  Choose the best for yourself.  It’s absolutely worth any birthing pains to see the adventure you long to live come to life.  You.

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