101 Ways to Praise a Child

27 Sep

Hand in Hand


This list of 101 ways to praise a child has been floating around for years.  I have a copy posted to the refrigerator door and a stack of copies in my file drawer to randomly pass around.  I love this list because it reminds us of what’s really important when the hustle and bustle of life makes us forget.   

I believe it’s imperative that we uplift children.  Tell them that you know they’re smart and that you trust them.  It’s important to direct children to listen to their instinct and follow it.  In this way, children learn how to pay attention to their “gut”.  Surely, kids may not always be able to put thoughts into words but feelings are undoubtedly clear.  Like the time my nephew chose not to go to the playground with his friends.  I asked why he didn’t go.  He shrugged and said “I didn’t want to.  It felt *eh*.”  He was telling me that something felt off and I gladly trusted him.   

Listen folks, if an 8-year-old child can tune in enough to their instinct to know when something does not “feel” right, then imagine how much easier this will be when he’s 16 and his choices are much more life-impacting.  Remind children that they always have a choice and that their choices can reap positive results or negative ones.  If they don’t like the results they’re getting, they can always make better choices.  In this way, we’re encouraging children to make healthy choices and we’re supporting their self-esteem in the most important ways possible.

101 Way to Praise a Child:

Way To Go • Super • You’re Special • Wow • Excellent • Great • Good • Neat • Well Done • Remarkable • I Knew You Could Do It • I’m Proud Of You • Fantastic • Super Star • Nice Work • Looking Good • You’re On Top Of It • Beautiful • Now You’re Flying • You’re Catching On • Now You’ve Got It • You’re Incredible • Bravo • You’re Fantastic • Hooray For You • You’re On Target • You’re On Your Way • How Nice • How Smart • Good Job • That’s Incredible • Hot Dog • Dynamite • You’re Beautiful • You’re Unique • Nothing Can Stop You Now • Good For You • I Like You • You’re A Winner • Remarkable Job • Beautiful Work • Spectacular • You’re Spectacular • You’re Darling • You’re Precious • Great Discovery • You’ve Discovered The Secret • You Figured It Out • Fantastic Job • Hip, Hip, Hooray • Bingo • Magnificent • Marvelous • Terrific • You’re Important • Phenomenal • You’re Sensational • Super Work • Fantastic Job • Exceptional Performance • You’re A Real Trooper • You Are Responsible • You Are Exciting • You Learned It Right • What An Imagination • What A Good Listener • You Are Fun • You’re Growing Up • You Tried Hard • You Care • Beautiful Sharing • Outstanding Performance • You’re A Good Friend • I Trust You • You’re Important • You Mean A Lot To Me • You Make Me Happy • You Belong • You’ve Got A Friend • You Make Me Laugh • You Brighten My Day • I Respect You • You Mean The World To Me • That’s Correct • You’re A Joy • You’re A Treasure • You’re Wonderful • You’re Perfect • Awesome • A+ Job • You’re A-OK-My Buddy • You Made My Day • That’s The Best • A Big Hug • I Love You!

Keep in mind, body language is just as important as your words.  A smile is always an awesome gift of affirmation!

2 Responses to “101 Ways to Praise a Child”

  1. Zarko Zivkovic October 19, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    Again, right on the spot.

    I believe in positive parenting. To be able to motivate a child you have to make it fun for him and along the way make it easier for both of you to communicate and to teach him what is important.

    A smile speaks a thousands words, but a few extra words of praise won’t hurt 🙂


    • Lynn Van Noy October 20, 2010 at 5:34 pm #

      Totally.. you got it! Believing in someone yeilds a great deal of open-ness & freedom of communication! That goes for little kids.. & big ones too. =)


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