21 Apr

Recently, a friend told me about her wonderful experience with Flotation Therapy.  I got so excited, I had to see for myself what this was all about!

“…numerous studies, including one from the National Institutes of Mental Health show float sessions can help treat hypertension and reduce stress related hormones…”   ABC 7, Chicago

From the looks of things online, flotation tanks range anywhere from a large metal box that looks like a training tank at NASA to a 7 foot long, egg-shaped device that is more akin to a set prop Lady Gaga would show up in to an awards event.

I booked a 90 minute float session at ZenBlend in Austin, Texas.  I decided that the earlier in the day I did the float session, the more effective the treatment would be since I would not have eaten any big meals or grown tired from the days activities.  Still, I wondered what I was thinking when I woke up before dawn for my appointment at 7:30 am.

After arriving right on time, I was whisked up a set of hardwood stairs that seemed to belong more in a Tibetan monastery than in a health retreat center.  I was led into a private room and there it was, the NASA training tank look-alike.  I felt a mix of emotions, excited and timid, weak from just waking up and nervous imagining the total isolation I was about to step into, literally.  It finally occurred to me that I was about to float in a closed tank for 90 whole minutes.

The float tank was very shallow but deep and large enough so that I would not  touch the bottom or the sides at all.  Stepping into the water, I carefully closed the lid door.  Gently, I was immersed in a tank filled with a silky warm liquid made from water and an extremely high Epsom salt concentration, making me effortlessly buoyant.

The first and last 15 minutes of floating are accompanied by music, if you like.  The rest of the float is in total silence.  I chose vibrational chimes and didgeridoo so that I could feel the sound vibrations through the water.  It was absolutely the right choice.  Soothing and peaceful, I felt myself holding my head and neck tight.  Floating allowed me to breathe deeply and allow my muscles to relax gently, consciously.  I even felt my spine pop naturally.  Yes, in the water.

The space was completely silent and dark.  At some point, I jolted a little, realizing I had fallen asleep.  When I opened my eyes, it was just as dark as when they were closed.  No sensation but the water and my body finding its natural balance.

It felt so good to float freely that I found myself not wanting it to end.  All my fear had faded, my stress was gone and while my muscles felt firm and strong, they also felt soft and relaxed.  I wanted to savor every moment.

When the chimes started again, I knew my time was up but it was satisfying.  As I stepped out of the flotation tank, I was already thinking about my next session.

I was escorted downstairs and sat at a big candlelit table.  They served me dark organic chocolate with blueberries and a bottle of oxygenated water.  After they processed my receipt, we visited in the relaxed massage room.

All in all, Flotation Therapy was a wonderful experience that I am looking forward to repeating.  Pain relief, body balance and peace of mind are just a few of the positive results gleaned from this tranquil treatment.



“The AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) psychologists use float tanks for three main purposes: recuperation and rejuvenation, injury rehabilitation and neuromuscular programming.”  Sports Medicine article, The Australian Doctor

World class athletes have been using Flotation Therapy for decades to rehabilitate and enhance their over-all performance.  Truly, float sessions are good mind-body medicine, for pro-athletes and amateurs, alike.


Eliminating stress and its effect on your body makes you feel and look more attractive and energetic.  Tension plays a major part in affecting the appearance of your skin.  A sense of wellbeing will make you radiate energy and maintain confidence.  In addition, floating in Epsom salt makes your skin softer, smoother and draws toxins such as lactic acid away from your body.


“Flotation treatment also elevated the participants’ optimism and reduced the degree of anxiety or depression.”  National Museum of Medicine

The relaxation that occurs naturally during float sessions encourages the hypothalamus to release endorphins aka happy hormones.  These chemical changes are experienced as emotional changes – a shift away from negative emotions such as anxiety and depression, towards feelings of empowerment, confidence and wellbeing.

By changing your body, you change your mind.  In the tank, negative emotions and unwanted habits seem to melt away, along with the physical tensions that usually accompany them.

3 Responses to “FLOTATION THERAPY”

  1. SpiritualNurse April 21, 2011 at 2:22 am #

    It sounds absolutely divine!


    • Lynn Van Noy April 21, 2011 at 7:36 am #

      It was delicious, Sandy ❤

      All therapies should feel this good!


  2. Joe April 21, 2011 at 9:33 am #



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