WELL BEING: Upper Respiratory Relief

14 Sep

upper respiratory

Mix together 1 part ragweed, a pinch of  Texas tree pollen, 3 parts Texas wildfire smoke, and a huge dust bowl of Texas drought.  That’s a sure recipe’ for upper respiratory illness.

I’m writing to you from Austin, Texas this week, and it seems everywhere I go I hear people hacking, sneezing and talking to each other about which OTC (over the counter) allergy medicine works best.  Just a little while ago, at lunch, the men sitting at the table beside me were raving about Clariten and Zyrtec with as much enthusiasm as usually reserved for a sporting event.

It’s no wonder.  That heavy feeling in your chest, the nagging cough that comes on in a spasm, arthritic-type aching, wheezing, and the inability to get a deep breath.  The dreaded upper respiratory irritation can easily lead to an upper respiratory tract infection.

Besides seeing your doctor to be correctly diagnosed, there are number of natural health options that may come in handy when your sinuses start to drain and your chest begins to ache.

MINERAL:  Calcium has a two-fold purpose for upper respiratory discomforts.

1.  Calcium is a bonding agent.  It mends bones so surely when the stress and tension of simply breathing arises, calcium can smooth and relax the muscular tissues to lessen spasms over-all.

2.  Calcium has calming and pain-relieving qualities that may turn the amplifier of pain down during this particular time of physical duress.

VITAMIN:  Vitamin C boosts the immune system.  Its natural compounds, known as bioflavonoids offer additional benefits to folks who suffer from allergy attacks which easily progress into full-blown cases of acute or chronic sinusitis and upper respiratory tract infections.  Vitamin C soothes respiratory inflammation and calms histamine reaction in the body.

HERB:  Goldenseal helps clear mucus from the throat.  It also contains the natural antibiotic berberine, which can help prevent bacterial infections that often follow sinus infections.

There is an OTC echinacea and goldenseal herbal formula specifically designed for children, to be taken once every two hours and whenever the physical symptoms worsen, including fever and sinus pain.

ATTENTION: children must not be given doses of the echinacea herb daily for more than ten days at a stretch.

HOMEOPATHIC:  Silicea is a homeopathic treatment used for individuals suffering from sinusitis which arise as a result of colds and sinusitis triggered by seasonal allergic reactions such as smoke and hay fever.  Silicea commonly brings relief to chest spasms and sinus drainage.

GOOD HORSE SENSE:  Water is essential to life and we have an even greater need for it during episodes of sinusitis and upper respiratory discomfort.  Be sure to drink plenty of fluids daily, use a cool-mist vaporizer or an appropriate humidifier.  Warm and cool wet compresses may relieve pain in the face from sinus inflammation and jaw pain.

Neti Pot is also a natural sinus irrigator utilizing saltwater to flush excess mucus from the sinus cavities.  You can find Neti Pots at many health-food stores and pharmacies.

So the next time you get all choked up, try a natural approach.  You may be breathing easy in no time.

2 Responses to “WELL BEING: Upper Respiratory Relief”

  1. maggie September 14, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

    Good stuff, Lynn. Especially good timing for my household.
    Thank you!


    • Lynn Van Noy September 15, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

      So glad it helps! ❤


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