WELL BEING: Essiac Tea

21 Sep

Clients are always asking me about doing a cleanse.

What is the best cleanse?  When is the best time to do a cleanse?  What are the best herbal combinations for cleansing?

In light of so much interest in cleansing, I would like to tell you a story about Rene Caisse.

In 1922, a Canadian nurse by the name of Rene Caisse received a recipe for a special tea from a patient that had consulted an Ojibwa Indian medicine man.  This all-natural medicinal tea helped her maintain her strength and vitality.  Rene used the same tea recipe to help her aunt who had a similar health issue.  She also firmly believed that cancer could be cured by using this cleansing herbal tea.

Its popularity caught on and eventually thousands were using it.  It became known as Essiac tea, Caisse’s name spelled backwards.

It is believed the ingredients in Essiac Tea, also known as E-Tea, may help support immunity, detoxification of the body and purification of the blood.  Other benefits of this tonic tea include immune system support and the detoxification of all body systems.


Sheep Sorrel is the key ingredient in this formula.  It strengthens the liver and purifies the blood.

Burdock is a major detoxifying herb.  It treats conditions related to chronic toxicity.  It is also considered a powerful blood purifier.

Slippery Elm is an effective remedy for irritation of the mucous membranes, stomach, intestines and urinary tubules.  In the digestive tract, Slippery Elm turns “soapy” to help absorb toxins from the bowels and reduces bowel transit time.

Turkey Rhubarb balances bowel movements.  In large amounts it can work as a laxative.  In small amounts it stops diarrhea.  It helps stop bleeding.  It also stimulates the release of bile and purifies the blood by enhancing liver function.  Some studies suggest that Turkey Rhubarb may exert powerful immuno-supportive effects, especially with regard to the integrity of cellular membranes.

These herbs combined work synergistically to destroy benign growths in and on the body.

The formula stimulates the production of antibodies, purifies the blood, alleviates pain, promotes faster healing of wounds, enhances energy levels, eliminates diarrhea and even lowers cholesterol.  It has been used traditionally to help acne, diabetes, inflammatory skin conditions, liver problems, stomach problems and numerous other degenerative diseases.

Remember that the skin is the organ of detoxification, so often the skin collects trash and toxins to protect the rest of the body.  It has been reported by Essiac Tea users over many decades that this cleansing tea removes toxins, skin tags and moles.

Some people prefer to simply take E-Tea capsules made by Nature’s Sunshine or open the capsules into water and drink as a tea.  These neat little capsules hold the exact same recipe that Rene Caisse passed down to us, so it is convenient to carry with you.  It is also of benefit in terms of strength, allowing you to cleanse as quickly or slowly as you feel comfortable.

Be sure to consult your physician before beginning an Essiac Tea regimen.  Happy cleansing!

One Response to “WELL BEING: Essiac Tea”

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