WELL BEING: Cut Cravings

4 Dec

Now you’ve gone and done it!

You tried with all your might to distract yourself but before you knew it, you were indulging in exactly what you just emphatically told yourself not to do.

Sound familiar?

You’ve got a craving!

We all get cravings from time to time.  You know, those days you get so busy you forget to eat and find yourself standing glaze-eyed in front of a sugar-packed vending machine.  A moment of weakness may find you texting your ex when you know he’s bad news for you.  Just when you think you’ve got control over a bad habit, you’re relaxing with friends and lighting up or drinking too much.

A moment of weakness can wreak havoc on your day.  As one client told me, “I ate cold pizza for breakfast.  Why bother eating well the rest of the day?”

It’s true, giving in to your cravings can create a negative spiral that’s hard to spin out of.  You may have found yourself realizing that try as you may, day after day, you are falling into the same cravings trap and making no forward progress to move beyond your temptations.  This can, in time, create addictive-type behaviours, especially if you’re not consciously aware of your actions.

Cravings can tell us a great deal about our health.   Craving something specific can shed light on a particular deficiency.  The most illusive kind of cravings are usually just a simple need to take control of certain aspects of our lives.  Simple mineral deficiency is often to blame for that “I’m kind of hungry but I don’t know what for” feeling.

Of course, you can indulge in harmless moments of pleasure; a delicious square of your favorite dark chocolate, huge hugs from friends, a decadent nap.  It’s all a matter of balance.  Our physical health effects our mental health just as our emotions affect our spiritual health, and so on.

When your nutrition is lacking, it turns up the volume on any health or mental imbalance.  So cover your bases with a multi-vitamin and eating well.  In addition to getting plenty of water to drink and regular exercise, here are a few ways to cut your cravings.


CHROMIUM is a mineral that balances blood sugar.  Taken in liquid or caplet form with a meal, it has been shown to keep away the “sleepies” after you eat.  Balancing your blood sugar naturally means bypassing extreme cravings for sweets as well as “sugar highs” and “sugar crashes.”

GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE is an herb containing Gymnemic acids which have anti-diabetic, anti-sweetener and anti-inflammatory properties.  That means, when you take Gymnema in an herbal capsule form, sugar becomes distasteful, reducing cravings for sweets and soothes the stomach.

N-ACETYL CYSTEINE  is an amino acid supplement that decongests the lungs, boosts immune response, and detoxifies toxins and poisons from the body.  One study found that this natural acid diminished cravings for cocaine in addicts.

GREEN TEA is known and loved the world over as a refreshing beverage but it also has powerful abilities to direct mental focus and increase impulse control.  Drink up!

SEROTONIN aka 5-HT is a brain neurotransmitter derived from Tryptophan.  It relaxes and regulates the mood, appetite and sleep patterns.  Take a Serotonin supplement or get an all natural Serotonin boost from playing sports, praying, laying in the hammock,  holding a baby, or deep breathing.  Relaxation is perhaps the best possible way of all to cut cravings.

2 Responses to “WELL BEING: Cut Cravings”

  1. Marilyn December 4, 2011 at 5:15 pm #

    What a good article! I struggle with cravings all the time. I will try your suggestions.


  2. Lynn Van Noy December 4, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    Glad it’s helpful, Miss Marilyn! We could add your “Kitty Therapy” to the Serotonin category. =)


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