WELL BEING: Breathe Out the Old, Breathe in the New

30 Dec

Note To Self:  Stop paying so much attention to what you’ve yet to accomplish and see how far you’ve come. ♥ Lynn

Thanks for all the emails since you didn’t hear from me over the holidays.  I was in bed, sick as a proverbial dog.  I’m sorry I couldn’t write a holiday note.  Even with the benefit of eastern and western medicine, it still had to run its course.  While all of you were out spreading cheer, I had loads of time to lay around and think; and cough and sleep.  You get the idea.

Ready or not, the new year is here!  Looks like last year raced to the finish line when some of us weren’t ready to start the new one.  Ah, but then, new beginnings are beneficial, even if a bit abrupt.

So here we are in a brand new year.  Time to push the big re-set button on life.  Our chance for a fresh start.  Breathe in the new.  Weed out the old useless thoughts, adopt a new hopeful set of beliefs and affirm the vows we intend to keep to ourselves and others.  Now’s your formal opportunity to change and grow.

Let’s face it, we have all come a long way since last new year’s day.

So maybe you did not accomplish all your new year’s resolutions last year.  I suspect you accomplished more than you ever set out to.  As a dear friend told me, “Sometimes it’s better to trade your To-Do list for a Did-It list.”

That’s it!  Make a “Did It” list and look at all the wonderful things you did, got to do, things you had no idea to even hope for.  Really pat yourself on the back about the distance you covered last year.  Surely that’s a lovely foundation to build a new year on.  Self confidence, love and appreciation.

One constant in life is our breath.  We are breathing every moment of every day.  Quantum Physics suggests that all life is expanding and collapsing, over and over.  Think of the ocean waves and how like breath they are.  The waves roll in and out; constantly, effortlessly, gently.  Standing by the sea always seems to regulate my breathing, even if I’m anxious.  Just watching the waves roll in and out, again and again.  I fall into the rhythm of the ocean, without thinking about it.

After all the stresses and suffering, pain and disappointments that crop up in our lives, sometimes even during the holidays, it can literally take our breath away.  So for the new year, I encourage you to focus on your breath.

When we get upset or don’t feel well, we tend to hold our breath.  Our breathing gets so shallow that when we go to consciously take a deep breath, it’s a bit of a surprise to the body.  You may find that you can’t get a deep breath or your ribs feel too tight.

Those of you who have been on my massage table have heard me gently say, “breathe”.  I use words like “inhale” or “let go” when the muscles are especially tight.  The sooner you get a good deep breath, the sooner the pain lightens up.

Stress, good or bad, can affect us negatively if we don’t consciously choose to relax our body and breathe through it.  I know, easier said than done.  But trust me, your mental and physical health are worth every effort to change an old pattern.

Out with the old as you release the past, painful and cumbersome with every exhale.  Embrace the new with a deep and easy breath of love, forgiveness and acceptance of yourself today, and everyday of this amazing, silver lined new year.

One Response to “WELL BEING: Breathe Out the Old, Breathe in the New”

  1. Jens January 4, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    Hello friend. I find the posts here awsome and up to date. I am amazed that you do not get more messages, but I guess that the battle is tough these days. Good luck.


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