WELL BEING: Can a Doughnut Change Your Life?

19 Jan

World Famous Round Rock Donuts

So, here I am, parked in a very long drive-through line at a doughnut shop.  It’s true.  Me, a nutrition conscious, natural health care worker.

“How did I get here?”  I wonder aloud.

I don’t really like doughnuts.  Even growing up, I preferred heavy proteins to sweet desserts.  One look at my last name tells you I’m from hearty European stock.  We love our sausage, cheese and heavy cream.  Doughnuts are generally too greasy, hyper-sweet and lacking in flavor for my taste buds.

Anyway, I digress.  I suppose it was the influence of one of my editors.  She has been raving for over a year about how the world famous “Round Rock Donuts will change your life!”

That’s right.    A doughnut that supposedly has the power to “change your life.”  I was skeptical to say the least.

What is so great about these doughnuts?  Well, since 1929, this much-loved home-town bakery in Round Rock, Texas has been hand-making upwards of 200 dozen doughnuts a day.  Instead of making the standard baking powder doughnuts, their old family yeast recipe makes a fluffy, delightfully airy doughnut that not only has real flavor but an orange color since they use all natural fresh ingredients including fresh eggs daily.  Add in the charm of personal service, hand-made, hand-cut & individually iced treats baked in an old rotary oven.  No wonder it’s world famous!

Intrigued?  Me too!   So here I am, still sitting in a long line.  Maybe there is something to this doughnut craze.  There are literally so many cars in this line, mid-afternoon, that a gentleman with a notepad just knocked on my car window to take my order, expediting the process.

Oh dear.  They have decadent treats of all kinds.. glazed Eclairs, Bavarian cream filled doughnuts, Kolaches, Danish, coffee cakes.  But me, “I just want the life changing doughnut* – with chocolate glaze, thank you.”

I know we all splurge from time to time, so armed with my lofty New Year’s resolutions, my new Marianne Williamson book, “A Course in Weight Loss” (which I have not yet read.  shhh) and my desire for a life-altering doughnut experience; I am now ready.

I looked over at Marianne Williamson’s book and imagined that somewhere in the pages, she is saying we should have compassion for ourselves even in our weak moment of eating a Round Rock doughnut.  Well maybe not that specific but you know what I mean.

Finally, the moment of truth.  I’ve got the doughnut and it smells absolutely wonderful.

I would like to say I just took a dainty little bite like ladies do in the movies, but that would be a lie.  One little bite just led to a big bite.  And several more.  This is still too sweet for my taste but I am really enjoying the depth of flavor and the obvious labor of love it took to make this pastry.

A quick glance in the rear-view mirror reveals my lips are now a chocolate mess.

I am sorry to say there are no diabetic options here at Round Rock Donuts, but then if you are a diabetic, you know good and well you are not supposed to be at a doughnut shop in the first place.  And the same goes for gluten-free.  Unfortunately, no options there either.  Still, as doughnuts go, this is definitely one of my favorites.

Can a doughnut really change your life?  While I admit, they are quite delicious, the only thing they may well change is the number on the scale, up up up.  Perhaps this doughnut is more about shifting our eating paradigm,  putting a new twist on an old standard, changing up the rhythm.

Instead of sandwiches with the same old white bread, why not try a more tasty version of wheat or fresh sprouted like nutrition-packed Ezekiel bread.  In place of the quick egg sandwich from your local fast food restaurant for breakfast, why not take a little time to make a veggie omelet or have a fresh egg breakfast in a relaxed environment.  Seek out places that make homemade as opposed to freeze-dried, microwavable foods.  Take the time to make a few new choices on your regular menu and you may discover more flavor, more healthy options and overall, more satisfaction.

*The regular sized glazed doughnut, not the Texas sized.

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