WELL BEING: Colonics

26 Jan

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“Let’s talk colonics!” I said to a group of friends.

Only one person piped up to say, “Let’s not!”

The quiet consensus seemed to suggest that discussing the colon was either too taboo, the topic was not up for public discussion or some folks were simply unsure what to ask.

No worries.  You know me, I love to explore healing.  I knew then and there, I would find out more so as to shine a light on the subject in hopes of diminishing fear, confusion and discomfort.  Not to mention, I was super curious.

According to Ayurveda, the ancient medicine of India, there are only two major causes of illness: digestion or elimination.

If you are not digesting well, have acid reflux, or get sleepy, have hot flashes and nausea during or after a meal, you are definitely dealing with some form of digestive issue.  Be it a lack of digestive enzymes, a food allergy, or blood sugar imbalance.

However, if you find that your digestion is working well while your elimination is moving too quickly, too slowly, or painfully, then it is time to focus on cleansing the colon.  You may be inclined to take a stool softener or herbal cleanse but they tend to be rough on the digestive and eliminative systems, which means we need to find healthy and gentle options.   

Colon Hydrotherapy was recorded as early as 1500 B.C., in an Egyptian medical document.  In this age of advanced medicine, getting a colonoscopy is a common practice.  So it only makes sense to take a fresh new look at colonics and move pro-actively towards more options, methods and information regarding the colon.

“And by all means, I prefer [that] my patients undergo colon hydrotherapy (a colonic) the morning of a colonoscopy.  It’s a safe way to cleanse the gut.”   Robert Charm, MD, Walnut Creek, California, board-certified as a gastroenterologist since 1972

A colonic involves Colon Hydrotherapy (water therapy) to cleanse the small intestine aka colon.   Just as our nasal passages can develop excess mucus, the colon can also develop a mucus-type sinus in reaction to inflammation.  If elimination is excessive or blocked, it’s time to cleanse the colon, removing toxins from your gastrointestinal tract that may cause a variety of health problems.

Colonic Irrigation is suggested as a remedy for:

  • asthma
  • headaches
  • arthritis
  • chest pain
  • hypertension
  • brittle hair
  • ADD
  • joint pains
  • psoriasis
  • allergies

For my part, I discovered a new non-invasive colonic called The Angel of Water® system.  It is the premier colon hydrotherapy system most sought out by hospitals around the world.  It’s advanced design is the height of simplicity, cleanliness and dignity.

Patricia Noble, owner of Rock Solid Health in Round Rock, Texas, educated me on how to use the system and offered as much personal support as I was comfortable with.  Being a gentle gravity-fed water system means 8 gallons of warm water are fed into your colon as slowly as your body dictates, making the entire process much less painful than the old way of forced water systems that could induce extreme cramping.  It was safe, simple and easy to use.  The whole session lasted about 45 minutes.  I felt fresh and light afterwards with no discomfort whatsoever.  Patricia also gave me an enzyme recovery drink to restore all my natural enzymes and minerals that may have been lost in the cleanse.

Keep in mind, colonics now require a prescription, so be sure to discuss your colon health with your physician before booking an appointment.

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