Year of the Love Note

12 Feb

Lynn Van Noy & Bree Davison

As last year drew to a close, a few friends and I sat down in an Austin restaurant to celebrate some quality time together.  By the end of our visit we had discussed our love of, well.. “love”.

My friend Bree suggested we write a love note to our waiter.  We all applauded the idea!

Right then and there, it was decided that 2012 would be the Year of the Love Note.

Now, when I use the L word, I mean it in the broadest sense.  Family,  friends, community, humanity; everyone wants the same thing.  We all want to be seen, accepted and most of all, appreciated.  I believe compassion is the highest form of love.

This theme has been on my mind for a few years now.  How can we connect more in a world moving so fast?  How can we let others know we really care in this technologically advanced era of sterile email, text messages, and Twitter?

We can pay at the pump, self-check at the grocery store, and set up online payment for all our bills.  Most major companies have an automated phone system we can opt to use instead of talking to a real person.  Even hotels have computerized wake-up calls.  Personalized connection is rare and special in our world today.

Love notes appeal to me because they are simple micro-actions.

A micro-action is a small thing we can all easily do.  Micro-actions are so obvious, they are generally overlooked.  The more all this technology, that is supposed to make our lives easier, disconnects us from authentic human interaction, it seems the more we lose the micro-action.  Instead, folks are more inclined to offer the “grand gesture” of promises they could never reasonably keep.  You know, promising the world, when it’s completely unnecessary.  Just a tiny gift is all that it takes to connect us.

Leave a tip.  Smile.  Say “thank you.”  Open a door.  Pay the toll for the car behind you.  Wave howdy.  Write “thank you” notes.  Make a friend a mix-tape of your favorite new tunes.  Give the last chair in the doctor’s office to the pregnant lady.  Bring your Momma flowers.

Above all, offer love from your personal desire to share.  Others may not respond in kind but don’t let that stop you.  As a gift, let it be from your heart without expectations attached.

Let’s start thinking of individual micro-actions we can do every day to connect with others.

I absolutely adore handwritten letters and notes.  That could have something to do with my age but it’s also the telling slant of the letters, the gentle scent and feel of the paper, the knowledge that someone took the time to share.

Now’s your chance to open up to others.  Write a little love note.

Your message does not have to be a long outpouring.  Trace a smiley-face on your bank deposit slip, scratch a “thank you” on a paper napkin, take the time to sign the cardholder on those gift cards you give.  Words do matter.  Make them caring and thoughtful.

Spread your love all around folks.  You can’t take it with you.  ❤

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