As Long As IT Takes

28 Jan


This is a story about sleep deprivation, daily expectations, and life taking its toll on YOU.

Sound familiar?

The woman in this story is just like me, like a lot of us, I suppose.  Only rare in that she was honest enough to admit she had.. zero desire.

Now we’re not talking about that Zen place of achieving desirelessness, but a completely wiped out, day in – day out grinding exhaustion that left her worn and weary for this world.

Strangely enough, I met her when I was on holiday in one of the most relaxing places in the world; Grand Cayman.

One morning, as I was walking Seven Mile Beach, I met this massive Greyhound dog and his owners, a lovely local couple.  I was naturally drawn to them by their joy and playfulness.  They started chatting me up about how wonderful it is to live on this beautiful island!

It turned out, he was Canadian and she was from the tough streets of Detroit.  After he moved to the island, he asked her to come, too.

She debated.  She reasoned to herself that she was staying in Michigan so she could see her adult children regularly.  Also, she was locked into a job she could retire from but couldn’t seem to extract herself.

Finally, after a year of him asking her to leave the states behind and move in with him in his beachfront abode, she accepted.

She recounted to me that for six solid months she slept in, drank coffee all day in her pajamas, and ultimately had ZERO drive to do anything.

Every morning she would turn on the Detroit news, weather, and traffic so she could connect with what had been a part of her life, always.  Over time, that lost its novelty.

Little by little she began to venture out to the water, slowly.

And as she said, “after six months of no desire to do anything,” she perked up and decided she wanted to paint.  She wanted to sew.  She wanted to dance.  Suddenly, the ocean looked vividly blue and the sugar sand so white!

She seemed so happy and integrated when I met her.  And it only took SIX WHOLE MONTHS.

My point is, by the time you get a day off, all you want to do is rest and recover.  Sure, you’d love to travel, run, play with your kids, organize that dang ol’ closet.. you know the one I’m talkin’ about!  But sleep may be the only thing on your mind.

It’s time you gave yourself full permission to rest.  Go easy on yourself.  Don’t push so hard, the world already does that to you.

Even a woman living in arguably the most peaceful place in the world needed half a year to sort herself out till she found her zing again.

Sleeping in one day isn’t going to repair your sleep deprivation but it won’t stop the world from turning, either.

So rest.

Be kind to you.  Listen to what you want most.  You are precious and what you do with your time creates a life.. your life.

Enjoy.  And if it takes months or years for you to get your spark back, so be it.  It’s not a competition.  Look for desires that arise gently and naturally.  Celebrate even the smallest flicker in you.

Everyone is different, so you must listen carefully to your own internal guidance.

And breathe easy.. as long as it takes.

2 Responses to “As Long As IT Takes”

  1. Marilyn Harding at 3:56 pm #

    Oh, my! did you write this for me? I am so sleep deprived right now that I can barely function. I have plans to work on that beginning tomorrow! I was fortunate to get long calls from the SD cousin Carol and NJ son Daniel today so I did not get to sleep yet. Also have to take care of sweet Ted and have stress about that. But, this is an excellent article you have written and exactly correct! Thanks!


  2. Rose at 10:31 pm #

    This is SO TRUE. I like to joke that I need a “vacation from my vacation” because life can get pretty crazy sometimes and by the time we take vacation all we want is to rest. xo

    Rose |


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