Where’s the Peace?

2 Sep


Lately, folks have been polarized by extremes.  It’s wearing on people.  Between public shows of violence, a huge divide in politics, & the recent natural disaster of Hurricane Harvey here in Texas & Louisiana, frankly some folks have an existential hangover.

For those of us lucky enough to not be in the eye of any of these literal & figurative hurricanes, many are still experiencing a low emotionally due to not being able to help in some meaningful way.  Sure, we can donate necessities or money, every bit matters, but the desire to get our hands involved may not be possible, leading to a feeling of inadequacy.  Even when you’ve given the most you can, you may not be feeling peace about it all.

I want you to know, if you are feeling this way, you are not alone.

All these crisis have really brought out the magnanimous generousity of our, very human, true nature.  We all long to be connected & support the needs everyone on earth has; food, shelter, clean water, caring consideration.  Basically, we all want to extend dignity to one another.  This is one of the sweetest gifts we can give each other in the great sea of humanity.

As for peace, though, it cannot be given.  Peace arises from within us.  We can’t go around expecting that if we give enough – suddenly we’ll miraculously have peace.

We can’t expect a government to give us peace.  Nor can the police bring us peace.  Sure, they very well may ‘keep the peace,’ but it is beyond anyone else’s ability to insure your  personal peace.

Look inside.  There is an ever-constant flicker of peace & wholeness in you that you can come back to again & again.  It is always there, awaiting your return.

The chaos of the world around you can be so loud it’s deafening & this is where we can get lost.  Looking at what’s outside of you is not an indicator of what’s real in you.

When we are constantly looking at others or comparing our experiences, it can get downright exhausting.

Stop paying so much attention to everything & everyone else.  Spend some time with you.  Listen to the quiet voice within.  Breathe easy in the presence of the peace inside you, for without this introspection you literally have no way of offering any genuine peace to yourself or anyone around you.

In such a time of upheaval, it’s especially important to quiet your mind & look within.

Where’s the peace?  Inside.  Peace is always an inside job, first.  Then it can be shared easily & authentically.

4 Responses to “Where’s the Peace?”

  1. Debbie Rollo at 5:24 am #

    Thank you Lynn, I needed to be reminded to look inside for peace!


  2. Marilyn at 8:33 am #

    An excellent article! Our world is changing so quickly that it is hard to keep up emotionally. We need to take some time to review our coping skills, our beliefs and our inner peace.


    • Lynn Van Noy at 11:29 am #

      Thanks, friend! You’re so right. It’s been more chaotic than usual on the world scene. This is why it’s always a good time to go where the peace is.


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