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REVIEW: Eat Pray Love

15 Aug

“Eat Pray Love” is a real life story of awakening and realization.  We’ve all had moments in life when we realize our choices have taken us down a path we never intended.  It’s the bravest of us that faces that truth and consciously decides to change; change our minds, change our hearts, change our very lives.



Liz Gilbert, 34, has awoken to the knowledge she’s had relationship addiction her entire adult life.  After her messy divorce and delving back into another relationship, she wakes up.. to herself.

Often it is what we avoid most that needs addressing.  But we all know that facing our self & our choices can be the hardest thing we ever do.   “Ruin is the path to transformation” Liz says.  Reminding me of my years of deep meditation, the unwinding of the past and the sparks that led me here.  I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t be able to relate to this stories themes of loss & struggle to find one’s own path.

While it’s not necessary to leave your own backyard to explore your mind, heart & spirit, Liz takes us along on her journey through Italy & it’s sensuous cuisine, India’s spiritual mecca that demands our inward examination & Bali’s world of wonder.

Watching Liz spend day after day chanting at a Hindu Temple in India sparked memories of my two weeks at Barsana Dham over Christmas 2009.  My stomach rolled with the exhaustion I felt recalling the early morning chanting and late night Kirtans.  While I see my whole experience there as good overall, it was a severe challenge not knowing the language.  Also, I went there with a longing to blend & integrate my physical & spiritual, to merge & have a “whole” experience.  Unfortunately, I found Temple dwelling to be very lonely with a focus on setting aside the physical to more clearly see the spiritual. I had already been doing that for many years. Though, definitely a good place to go if you want to be alone.

Life is curious.. when you try to hold on, it makes you let go.

This film is both inspiring to the mind & our inner quest.  Full of decadent textures in colors and emotions, spiriting us away on wings of hope to inner places of uninhibited self growth.

There’s no need to travel the world over to search your heart & soul, unless you just simply *want* to.  Go on your own Summer Adventure & see “Eat Pray Love”.. or stay in & snuggle up with this sumptuous book!

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