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House of Healing

14 May

Austin, Texas Therapy Office

Here’s an insider’s view of my Massage Therapy office in Austin, Texas.  It’s oh so relaxing & surrounded by Acupuncturists & Psychotherapists.  I’ll have to take some insider’s view pictures of my Crockett & Galveston offices to share with y’all, soon.

Message me for your appointment today.  Choose from Massage Therapy, Iris Analysis, & One Brain Stress Defusion for re-balancing mind & body.  I’m also offering Stress Defusion over the phone or by Skype, in case you can’t make it into one of my offices.



WELL BEING: Secrets for Longevity

18 Mar

Bernardo LaPalloMeet Bernando LaPallo.

He is 110 years young!

LaPallo was born in Brazil on August 17, 1901 and is currently living in Mesa, AZ.

His father was the biggest influence on his life, encouraging him with wisdom on subjects of diet, exercise and spirituality.  In fact, his father was a well loved Doctor.  He taught his son to obey lovingly, based on the Bible’s only command with a promise.  “Children, be obedient to your parents” so that your days (life) will be long.  – Ephesians 6:1-3

These days, LaPallo believes in living in the moment.  He has many friends including Tina Turner and an active social life.

LaPallo genuinely believes in education and even sent all his children to school in Europe as he believes the education there is better all-around.  He is a voracious reader and loves to spend time solving crossword puzzles.

Besides the intellectual stimulation of words, LaPallo endeavors to see after his spirituality.  He is a firm believer in Christianity and shares his faith in every conversation.

For physical well being, he runs a mile every morning or goes for a walk.  He also preaches the necessity of getting your rest and eating well.

Paying extra close attention to his diet, he is mostly Vegan.  He swears by fruits and vegetables, preferring them organic and mostly raw.  LaPallo does not care for red meat but enjoys lamb on rare occasions.  In fact, he has a 46-year-old Granddaughter who looks more like a 20-year-old due to her Vegan diet.

Bernardo LaPallo attributes his health and longevity to natural foods and a variety of alternative health habits, including Reflexology.  He massages his own hands and feet with Olive oil.

Its good to message your feet in Olive oil, eventually you will have no corns or bunions and messaging your body in Olive oil will make your skin feel smooth.”

LaPallo touts the many benefits of water, saying “Water is the most powerful thing on earth..” and that water can be used in a positive way to heal our bodies.

Of all the healthy habits LaPallo practices, he lives faithfully according to 5 secrets his father taught him for healthy living.  Below are the 5 Secrets for Longevity, as shared by Bernando LaPallo.  Use these secrets in your daily menu for a long and healthy life.  Blessings!

5 Secrets for Longevity

GARLIC:  natural antibiotic, balances HDL and LDL cholesterol, cleanses the blood, antiseptic, enhances endurance, high Thiamine (B vitamin) content, antibacterial, and stimulates the immune system.

HONEY:  soothes digestion, is power-packed with vitamin C, high in minerals calcium and iron, soothes skin conditions, stimulates wound healing, and is reported to speed recovery from cancer.

CINNAMON:  balances blood sugar, aids in weight loss, soothes chronic cough, eases an upset stomach, encourages fertility, boosts the immune system, and slows the aging process.

CHOCOLATE:  lowers bad cholesterol, thins the blood, reduces high blood pressure, full of antioxidants vitamins A, C, and E, and dark chocolate has the most health benefits of all.

OLIVE OIL:  decreases risk of heart disease, helps lower and maintain proper body weight, inhibits the growth of some cancers, healthy fat alternative, and lowers inflammation.

WELL BEING: pH Balance

19 Feb

“Diseases cannot survive in an alkaline body.”  Dr Otto Warburg

Dr. Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for his scientific findings of pH balance related to our health.

In chemistry, pH is a measure of acidity and alkalinity.  On a scale of 5.0 to 9.0, pure water is said to be neutral, with a pH close to 7.0.

Solutions with a pH less than 7 are more acidic while solutions with a pH higher than 7 are alkaline.  Ideal alkaline conditions for our body should fall somewhere between 7.35 and 7.45 on the pH scale.

Dr. Warburg came to the conclusion that too much acidity in the body is the main cause of cancer.  Not to say all acid is bad but that his research demonstrated that cancer thrives in acidic conditions.

Too much acidity in the body can also lead to a myriad of pains and illnesses; such as weight gain, bloating, a burning sensation inside and out, diarrhea, constipation, acne, fibromyalgia symptoms, heart problems, blood sugar imbalance, metabolic resistance, dried out skin, hair, and nails, tooth sensitivity, irritated eyes, anxiety and the list goes on.

There are two main causes for acidity in the body.  The first is our dietary habits.  What we eat and drink on a daily basis can sooth our system with alkalizing benefits or literally inflame us with too much acid.  The worst offenders are caffeine, alcohol, soda, sugar, fried, fatty and processed foods.  The second cause for pH imbalance is emotional.  Stress, anxiety, and fear can create an acidic environment inside our body even if we are eating perfectly.  That is why we should put as much attention upon our emotional well being as we do on the nutrition we put into our bodies.

What can we do to balance pH?

Let’s eat consciously.

Leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, beet greens, mustard greens and watercress are all powerfully alkalizing.  As are cauliflower, broccoli, brown rice, citrus fruits, melons and berries.  And since pure water is pH neutral, it only makes sense to drink plenty of water each day so as to hydrate and flush our systems of excess acid frequently.

Minerals help to alkalize the body, so an easy to digest, liquid multi-mineral is an excellent building block for our health.  Aloe Vera is also very soothing and pH balancing.  It can be taken in a gel-tab form, calming stomach acid and making digestion easier.

Let’s feel consciously.

One of the main reasons for over-eating is a self-soothing technique that blocks our emotions.  They call it “comfort food” because, in the moment, it feels soothing and nostalgic to eat certain things that may not be ideal for us.  All this “comfort eating” and denying our true feelings can be problematic, affecting our lives negatively in a number of ways, including creating too much acid in our bodies.  Allowing ourselves to truly “feel” what we are feeling, instead of repressing our emotions and blocking our deepest sensations, will no doubt bring about peace of mind and hopefully more of a balance within, affecting our pH in a positive way.

Track your body’s alkaline and acid balance with a pH testing kit.  Your local health food store has a variety to of pH tests to choose from, or simply ask them to do a free, quick saliva test on pH test strip litmus paper.  The two color matched pH scale chart allows you to easily, accurately, and immediately determine your body’s pH level.

WELL BEING: Can a Doughnut Change Your Life?

19 Jan

World Famous Round Rock Donuts

So, here I am, parked in a very long drive-through line at a doughnut shop.  It’s true.  Me, a nutrition conscious, natural health care worker.

“How did I get here?”  I wonder aloud.

I don’t really like doughnuts.  Even growing up, I preferred heavy proteins to sweet desserts.  One look at my last name tells you I’m from hearty European stock.  We love our sausage, cheese and heavy cream.  Doughnuts are generally too greasy, hyper-sweet and lacking in flavor for my taste buds.

Anyway, I digress.  I suppose it was the influence of one of my editors.  She has been raving for over a year about how the world famous “Round Rock Donuts will change your life!”

That’s right.    A doughnut that supposedly has the power to “change your life.”  I was skeptical to say the least.

What is so great about these doughnuts?  Well, since 1929, this much-loved home-town bakery in Round Rock, Texas has been hand-making upwards of 200 dozen doughnuts a day.  Instead of making the standard baking powder doughnuts, their old family yeast recipe makes a fluffy, delightfully airy doughnut that not only has real flavor but an orange color since they use all natural fresh ingredients including fresh eggs daily.  Add in the charm of personal service, hand-made, hand-cut & individually iced treats baked in an old rotary oven.  No wonder it’s world famous!

Intrigued?  Me too!   So here I am, still sitting in a long line.  Maybe there is something to this doughnut craze.  There are literally so many cars in this line, mid-afternoon, that a gentleman with a notepad just knocked on my car window to take my order, expediting the process.

Oh dear.  They have decadent treats of all kinds.. glazed Eclairs, Bavarian cream filled doughnuts, Kolaches, Danish, coffee cakes.  But me, “I just want the life changing doughnut* – with chocolate glaze, thank you.”

I know we all splurge from time to time, so armed with my lofty New Year’s resolutions, my new Marianne Williamson book, “A Course in Weight Loss” (which I have not yet read.  shhh) and my desire for a life-altering doughnut experience; I am now ready.

I looked over at Marianne Williamson’s book and imagined that somewhere in the pages, she is saying we should have compassion for ourselves even in our weak moment of eating a Round Rock doughnut.  Well maybe not that specific but you know what I mean.

Finally, the moment of truth.  I’ve got the doughnut and it smells absolutely wonderful.

I would like to say I just took a dainty little bite like ladies do in the movies, but that would be a lie.  One little bite just led to a big bite.  And several more.  This is still too sweet for my taste but I am really enjoying the depth of flavor and the obvious labor of love it took to make this pastry.

A quick glance in the rear-view mirror reveals my lips are now a chocolate mess.

I am sorry to say there are no diabetic options here at Round Rock Donuts, but then if you are a diabetic, you know good and well you are not supposed to be at a doughnut shop in the first place.  And the same goes for gluten-free.  Unfortunately, no options there either.  Still, as doughnuts go, this is definitely one of my favorites.

Can a doughnut really change your life?  While I admit, they are quite delicious, the only thing they may well change is the number on the scale, up up up.  Perhaps this doughnut is more about shifting our eating paradigm,  putting a new twist on an old standard, changing up the rhythm.

Instead of sandwiches with the same old white bread, why not try a more tasty version of wheat or fresh sprouted like nutrition-packed Ezekiel bread.  In place of the quick egg sandwich from your local fast food restaurant for breakfast, why not take a little time to make a veggie omelet or have a fresh egg breakfast in a relaxed environment.  Seek out places that make homemade as opposed to freeze-dried, microwavable foods.  Take the time to make a few new choices on your regular menu and you may discover more flavor, more healthy options and overall, more satisfaction.

*The regular sized glazed doughnut, not the Texas sized.

WELL BEING: Cut Cravings

4 Dec

Now you’ve gone and done it!

You tried with all your might to distract yourself but before you knew it, you were indulging in exactly what you just emphatically told yourself not to do.

Sound familiar?

You’ve got a craving!

We all get cravings from time to time.  You know, those days you get so busy you forget to eat and find yourself standing glaze-eyed in front of a sugar-packed vending machine.  A moment of weakness may find you texting your ex when you know he’s bad news for you.  Just when you think you’ve got control over a bad habit, you’re relaxing with friends and lighting up or drinking too much.

A moment of weakness can wreak havoc on your day.  As one client told me, “I ate cold pizza for breakfast.  Why bother eating well the rest of the day?”

It’s true, giving in to your cravings can create a negative spiral that’s hard to spin out of.  You may have found yourself realizing that try as you may, day after day, you are falling into the same cravings trap and making no forward progress to move beyond your temptations.  This can, in time, create addictive-type behaviours, especially if you’re not consciously aware of your actions.

Cravings can tell us a great deal about our health.   Craving something specific can shed light on a particular deficiency.  The most illusive kind of cravings are usually just a simple need to take control of certain aspects of our lives.  Simple mineral deficiency is often to blame for that “I’m kind of hungry but I don’t know what for” feeling.

Of course, you can indulge in harmless moments of pleasure; a delicious square of your favorite dark chocolate, huge hugs from friends, a decadent nap.  It’s all a matter of balance.  Our physical health effects our mental health just as our emotions affect our spiritual health, and so on.

When your nutrition is lacking, it turns up the volume on any health or mental imbalance.  So cover your bases with a multi-vitamin and eating well.  In addition to getting plenty of water to drink and regular exercise, here are a few ways to cut your cravings.


CHROMIUM is a mineral that balances blood sugar.  Taken in liquid or caplet form with a meal, it has been shown to keep away the “sleepies” after you eat.  Balancing your blood sugar naturally means bypassing extreme cravings for sweets as well as “sugar highs” and “sugar crashes.”

GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE is an herb containing Gymnemic acids which have anti-diabetic, anti-sweetener and anti-inflammatory properties.  That means, when you take Gymnema in an herbal capsule form, sugar becomes distasteful, reducing cravings for sweets and soothes the stomach.

N-ACETYL CYSTEINE  is an amino acid supplement that decongests the lungs, boosts immune response, and detoxifies toxins and poisons from the body.  One study found that this natural acid diminished cravings for cocaine in addicts.

GREEN TEA is known and loved the world over as a refreshing beverage but it also has powerful abilities to direct mental focus and increase impulse control.  Drink up!

SEROTONIN aka 5-HT is a brain neurotransmitter derived from Tryptophan.  It relaxes and regulates the mood, appetite and sleep patterns.  Take a Serotonin supplement or get an all natural Serotonin boost from playing sports, praying, laying in the hammock,  holding a baby, or deep breathing.  Relaxation is perhaps the best possible way of all to cut cravings.

Lavender Sugar Cookies

18 Nov

Lavender Sugar Cookies by Lynn Van Noy

Happy Weekend!

The sun is streaming in like liquid gold and the air is crisp with excitement.  The on-again off-again baker in me is beginning to hum.. ready to warm up the stove for some delightful treats.

Every year, about this time, I instinctively start making Lavender Sugar Cookies.. *yom*

My family & friends literally bring me cookie tins to fill up with my all natural herb flower doughy decadence.

I have it on good authority these cookies have strong anti-depressant & hunger-suppressant qualities.  So, chill out & watch your waistline, all while treating your senses to this dainty little lavender surprise!


16 Nov

USDA Food Pyramid

Let’s talk turkey, well, so to speak.

While most folks are passing around their time honored recipes for the perfect Thanksgiving Day turkey, I think this is the ideal time to share a simple recipe for everyday optimal health.

Let’s get back to the basics.

The most common question I am asked as a nutritional counselor is “What supplements do I need everyday?”

I genuinely wish there was one magic pill.  Unfortunately, since we are all coming from different places physically and emotionally, it’s impossible to choose a single nutritional supplement to do the trick.  However, that being said, I do have some basic guidelines to support your strong healthy foundation on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that when your nutrition is lacking, it in essence turns the volume up on any health imbalance.  A little sniffle can easily turn into a major illness if your basic nutrition is even slightly off balance.  So turn down the volume on your mind and body’s stress level by using these 4 simple basics.



Eat healthy foods.  Sounds simple, right?

Think nutrient rich, colorful whole foods such as blueberries, spinach, red bell peppers, etc.

You know what they say, you are what you eat.  Logic and science both tell us that fresh natural foods are important every single day.  In fact, the USDA’s Food Pyramid suggests we eat at least 5 to 9 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables each day.

I don’t know about you but the last time I saw someone eat that much fresh produce was myself 2 years ago when I spent 4 months on the Raw food program, eating only fresh uncooked fruit, veggies, nuts and sprouts.  Even most Vegans I know don’t eat that much fresh food every day.  So while eating well is key, it is also important to fill in the blanks, nutritionally speaking.


A multivitamin just makes good sense.  It covers all your bases.

I’m always looking for ways to get out of taking a huge handful of vitamins.  That is why I prefer liquid multivitamins.  Liquid vitamins digest quickly, literally beginning to digest in your mouth.  More importantly, liquid vitamins.. digest.  Where many multivitamin horse pills are so hard pressed they may not digest at all, liquid vitamins are sure to digest every time and are generally considered easier on the digestive system.

Make sure your multivitamin includes a complete B complex.  One way to know for sure if all the B vitamins are present is to look for the least two that usually get left out;  Choline and Inositol.  These 2 B vitamins go by their real name instead of a number like B6 or B12.  Even though we don’t need much Choline and Inositol, they are vastly important in breaking down bad cholesterol, strengthening our heart and for general pain management.

Also,  make sure your multivitamin has all the trace minerals.  That literally saves you from having to take a multivitamin and a multi-mineral separately.

My favorite all-purpose liquid is “Peter Gilham’s Organic Life Vitamins” that not only have all the B vitamins but also all the trace minerals and it tastes better than most liquid supplements.  “Source of Life” is highly rated as a complete multivitamin both in its liquid and caplet forms, and is sold at most health food stores.


When we talk about Omega 3’s we are referring to all 3 Omega fatty acids most commonly found in fish oils.  Essential fatty acids are molecules that cannot be produced by the human body but are vital for a normal and healthy metabolism.

Research continues to show the positive benefits of Omega 3’s including reducing cancer growth, balancing cholesterol levels, and relief of inflammation for those suffering with rheumatoid arthritis.

Try to get all 3 essential fatty acids in one capsule so you don’t have to take 3 different pills.  If fish oils don’t sit well with your digestive system you may prefer Flaxseed Oil which naturally provides all 3 essential fatty acids.


More and more people are being diagnosed with severe vitamin D deficiency.  Even folks who spend plenty of time in the sun can be vitamin D deprived.

Vitamin D has some pretty important jobs including calcium synthesis, boosting the immune system and regulating the thyroid.

Many of my clients who have been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency have complained about the exact same things; low energy, weight gain and more pain upon waking than when they went to bed.  If any of these sound familiar, be sure to have your Rheumatologist perform a simple blood test to reveal your vitamin D level.

Discuss with your physician before beginning any nutritional regimen.

WELL BEING: Saw Palmetto.. not just for the boys

26 Oct

by DominusVobiscum (share alike)
Once upon a time, there was a magical berry that increased virility in men, enlarged mammary glands in women and relieved people everywhere of those pesky frequent trips to the bathroom each night.

Actually, it’s not magic.  It’s Saw Palmetto, also known as the Windmill Palm or Sawtooth Palm.  These fan palms most commonly grow in the southern states of the US making them an old-time American tonic with a rich history dating all the way back to the Mayans.

Saw Palmetto produces a dark brown berry about the size of an olive.  These powerful berries contain fat-soluble extracts of naturally occurring hormones and highly beneficial steroidal compounds.

Most often used to maintain urinary tract and prostate health in men, Saw Palmetto has also been shown to be helpful for diseases of the glandular system and as a nutritive herb for folks with Diabetes.

Saw Palmetto specifically eases BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), a noncancerous enlargement of the prostate.  BPH is not life threatening; however, it affects more than half of all men over the age of 60.  BPH is the major cause of a poor nights sleep for many men, having to get up throughout the night with urinary symptoms and frequent urination.  This seemingly magic berry protects the prostate from the enlarging and irritating effects of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

It has been suggested that Saw Palmetto can regrow hair in cases of baldness.  It seems reasonable since this herb raises testosterone levels and is touted as a steroid substitute for athletes to increase muscle mass and aid in recovery.  However, there are no studies that prove hair re-growth for certain.  Don’t give up, guys!  The good news is there are very few side-effects and the hormonal stimulation might be proven in current studies.  Fingers crossed.

This magnificent herbal remedy is well-known though history for the benefit of men but let’s not forget that it is recommended to treat weakening urinary organs and the resulting incontinence that may occur in elderly people or women after menopause.  Saw Palmetto also strengthens the urinary organs and is often recommended for kidney stones.

Overall, these berries are highly beneficial for both the male and female reproductive systems, making it generally safe for females to take except in the case of any cancer of the female organs.  In fact, many woman have used Saw Palmetto to naturally increase their breast size.  Certainly, an inexpensive and healthy option that’s worth a try for those considering any kind of breast enlargement surgery.

Continuing on the theme of being an herb for everyone, Saw Palmetto has also been proven to effectively treat acne, calm the nerves, sooth neuralgia, ease a sore throat and combat obesity.

Find Saw Palmetto over-the-counter in health food stores and retail stores alike.  Word to the wise, powder in the capsule digests much more quickly and easily than the hard compact caplets.  Visit with your nutritionist before beginning a trial of Saw Palmetto to get the best dosage advisement.

Be Well!

WELL BEING: Shingles

10 Oct

Shingles.  That burning, tingling sensation that can turn into a debilitating illness, leaving the sufferer wracked with nerve pain and sensitivity.  Coping with the emotional duress of Shingles is just as difficult to endure as the physical pain; having to turn down fun social gatherings, unable to go out for some exercise and at times making it too unbearable to even dress for work or church.

The medical term for Shingles is Herpes Zoster, a re-activation of the virus that causes chickenpox.

Most often the chickenpox virus is re-activated by stress.  When the immune system gets low due to exhaustion, anxiety or immunosuppressive drugs, you can find yourself with a serious case of Shingles that does not easily disappear in a few short days.  Some cases of Shingles can flare up and last for days, weeks, even months.

Over the years, I have seen up-close the damage this illness has caused to my clients physical and emotional health and well being.  The stress that may have activated the illness does not compare to the stress of Shingles over the long-term.


1.  Aloe Vera is excellent for absorbing toxins from the bloodstream and escorting them out of the body.  Not only is Aloe Vera soothing to the digestive tract and immune system boosting, but it also reduces arthritic pain and diminishes tissue toxicity.  Aloe Vera will reduce the pain and inflammation of Shingles with a bonus side-effect of helping you digest more easily.

2.  Viral Recovery is a liquid homeopathic cure made by Nature’s Sunshine.  It contains micro dosages of Herpes Zoster and other immune challenging viruses so that in such small amounts the body is able to build an instant immunity to them and fight off the viruses.

I have a client who was so amazed and relieved by the positive results of Viral Recovery that she did not just take the drops under the tongue, as directed.  She also put this skin-safe liquid right onto the affected areas of her torso and back.  She claimed it worked better than anything else she had ever used for the relief of Shingles.

3.  Vitamin C with bioflavanoids are a catch-all nutrient that boosts the immune system, relieves general pain and inflammation, and eases nerve pain.  Vitamin C supplements that specifically contains bioflavanoids are extremely helpful for circulation, relief and ease of blood flow in the vascular system and helps keep the body from bruising as much.  Doctors often suggest that good nutrition can help sooth nerve pain and Vitamin C packed fruits as well as nutritional supplements are certainly one of the easiest and best options in relieving neuralgia.

WELL BEING: Neuropathy

5 Oct


Millions of people suffer from the debilitating numbness and tingling pins and needles feeling of neuropathy.

As a licensed massage therapist and herbalist, I am consulted every single week about this particularly painful form of nerve damage.

There are numerous types of neuropathies which are all characterized by a progressive loss of nerve fiber function.

Neuropathy is most often caused or worsened by:

  • Diabetes
  • Alcoholism
  • Severe malnutrition
  • Prior chemotherapy
  • Electrocution
  • Major Injuries

Symptoms of peripheral neuropathy:

  • Numbness, tingling (feeling of pins and needles) of hands and/or feet
  • Burning of hands and/or feet
  • Numbness around mouth
  • Constipation
  • Loss of sensation to touch
  • Loss of positional sense (knowing where a body part is without looking)
  • Weakness and leg cramping or any pain in hands and/or feet
  • Difficulty picking things up or buttoning clothes

Ultimately, all neuropathies are a form of damage to the nerve endings, most commonly the peripheral nerves.

Certain chemotherapy drugs can cause peripheral neuropathy such as vinca alkaloids (vincristine), cisplatin, paclitaxel, and the podophyllotoxins (etoposide and tenoposide).  Other drugs used to treat cancer such as thalidomide and interferon can also cause peripheral neuropathy.

Many of my clients complain that even after all the doctors visits and trying  a variety of medications, they are still suffering terribly with no relief in sight.

Understand, as an herbalist, I see the world through very different eyes than most health care professionals.  I like to look at the whole person, their strengths and weaknesses, their optimal health and their nutritional deficits.  And what I have observed is that the nutritional deficiency that most often causes neuropathy.. also causes diabetes.

Let’s begin with what causes this nerve pain.  When the myelin sheathing that surrounds nerve endings gets thin and brittle, it breaks down thereby exposing the nerve.  Raw nerve endings equal pain.

The nutrient most needed to re-build myelin sheathing around the nerves is Thiamin, also known as B1.

Thiamin is a water-soluble B vitamin that strengthens the insulation around nerves, thereby protecting us from unnecessary pain.  Thiamin relieves pain over-all, providing energy and stamina, as well as rapid recovery from all forms of injury.

I have it on good authority from my clients, using B1 for relief of neuropathy, that they have experienced significant pain relief over-all.  Some have claimed that even a small dosage of B1 everyday provides more relief than all the medications they have used for neuropathy.  Perhaps it is because medications are often designed to help patients cope and function with the disorder as opposed to healing it.  Thiamin actually goes in to repair the nerve damage and re-grow the myelin sheath.  But remember that not all nerve damage is repairable.  If this disorder has been ongoing for some time, you may find some relief from pain by using this B vitamin but complete healing is not always possible.

Word of warning, taking any B vitamin by itself tends to make you deficient in all the other B vitamins.  So if you are considering Thiamin, be sure to get a complete B complex to take in addition.  Take only as directed and discuss with your physician before starting any nutritional regimen.

Since most of my clients who have neuropathy also have diabetes, it is pertinent to mention the connection nutritionally.  In lab studies, diabetes has been intentionally caused in lab animals within 24 hours of removing B vitamins from their diet.  The pancreas renews itself every 24 hours and B vitamins are essential to its proper function in balancing blood sugar.

So, which came first, the chicken or the egg?  How about, which came first, diabetes or neuropathy?

The answer may be that Thiamin (vitamin B1) deficiency caused both of these disorders at the exact same time, causing the pancreas to malfunction and the sheathing insulators around nerve endings to break down.

So be kind to your body.  It only hurts because it is trying to tell you it needs something.  Take it easy and do your research.  Talk to your friends and ask if any have ever taken Thiamin for neuropathy pain relief.  Use your creams and get a massage.   Hopefully, you’ll be feeling better in no time.

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