“I feel so much better!  It’s like I’ve been to church for my body!”

Carrie L.


“I have been to multiple massage therapists for upper neck and shoulder pain, but Lynn is the first to treat me with a more holistic approach. She is an extremely skilled massage therapist that has correctly targeted and dealt with pain I have had for years, and has also offered nutritional advice to deal with my specific muscle-related problems. I would highly recommend her to anyone and feel privileged that we have someone with her training in East Texas.”

Maggie R.

“Ms. Van Noy has a very well established clientele and a great work ethic.  She has been a licensed massage therapist, among other fields as well, for as long as I’ve known her.   Ms. Van Noy has also owned and managed her own business for many years too.

Ms. Van Noy’s line of work is very quiet and overlooked most times.  People do not realize how helpful all of her qualities will be. She wants to help people’s mind, body, and wellbeing.”

long term client

Julie E.


“I have known Lynn Van Noy in a variety of capacities for over eight years.  She has been my medical Licensed Massage Therapist, Herbalist, & very close friend.  Ms. Van Noy is the upmost professional business woman, and is very particular about who she accepts as clients.

Lynn is a wonderful, caring, honest, and hard working woman and is extremely careful to keep her clients as confidential as possible.”

long term client

Teresa C.


“I am writing this to inform you about my natural health care practitioner, Lynn Van Noy.  Lynn runs a very professional business.  She is a great asset to our community.

I have been Lynn’s client for seven years now.  I can tell you that not only is Lynn professional but she is considerate and safe.  Lynn also has extensive training and continues her education in nutritional counseling and as a medical massage therapist.”

long term client

Jennifer D.

in the office

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